Steel Fist

Real Name

Timothy Slade

First Appearance

Blue Circle Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Enwil Associates / Rural Home/ Croydon

Created by

H.C. Kiefer


Timothy Slade was a highly patriotic industrial plant worker. He was driven to work hard by the memory of his brother, a U.S. Marine who died in the Battle of Tarawa. When a group of Nazi saboteurs broke into his plant, he tried to stop them. But he was outnumbered, and the nefarious trio managed to knock him out. In retaliation, the leader of the group dipped Tim's right arm (up to his elbow) into a vat of molten steel. Tim survived the injury, but his molted hand was damaged, forcing the doctors to prepare to amputate it. The spirit of Lady Liberty took pity on him and magically animated his hand, making it as functional as the real thing (but still as hard as steel). Using his new hand as an inspiration, Tim became the costumed hero known as Steel Fist.

As mentioned above, Tim's right hand was as hard as steel, which made for a powerful weapon. Other than that, he was a perfectly ordinary human being.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Circle Comics #1-5


  • More than once, the artist accidentally drew the character's left hand as the one that is steel.
  • The character didn't wear a mask in his first appearance, only a cowl.

On the cover of Blue Circle comics.

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