Steel Monster

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Amazing Adventures #2 (May 1951)

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Scientist Mark Dane is angered when his fiance, Wendy Travis and his co-worker, Ralph Richards, beseech him to stop the madness of place an electronic brain in a bulldozer. Mark hits Wendy, causing Ralph to defend her. The two leave Mark to his own designs. Mark tells the Steel Monster to knock over the nearby house in which Ralph helps Wendy gather her things. The effort is to kill the pair.

Ralph and Wendy escape the house, fleeing in a dump truck. The bulldozer follows them when they reach a deep end precipice. They jump from the truck just before the Steel Monster destroys it. They find a tall concrete structure and get atop of it.

Mark shows up, watching as the bulldozer builds a mound of dirt to ascend the concrete wall. Before it manages to do so, Mark has a plan. Having Wendy hold onto some un-electrified power cables from lines above them and instructing Wendy, he swings down to the power station on a convenient rope. Wendy throws the wires down as Ralph powers up the station. Mark goads the Steel Monster on as it is painfully electrocuted. The Steel Monster turns its attention to its creator. The Steel Monster pushes its "father" off the cliff in a Frankenstein tragedy, killing them both.


This story is identical in many ways to the previous Theodore Sturgeon story, Killdozer. That story first appeared in Astounding Science Fiction-1944.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #2

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