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Steel Shark
Steel shark hero.jpg

Real Name

Lt. Bob Steel

First Appearance

Victory Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Paul Quinn and Harry Anderson


Lt. Bob Steel was the commander of a R-14 submarine which was nicknamed the "Steel Shark". Lt. Steel had learned that disguised Nazis were carrying explosives through the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal. After a battle with a German u-boat they believed to be their target, Steel learned from the lone survivor of the German crew that this submarine was only carrying oil. The target was already on its way to the canal.

The Steel Shark pursued the Nazi vessel even as it was still taking on water from the previous fight. When they arrive at the harbor, Lt. Steel finds a mysterious ship in port. The mystery ship turns out to be the Nazi ship they are looking for, but the crew was unaware of its suicide mission to destroy the Panama Canal only the captain knew of their true mission. Lt. Bob Steel managed to stop the Nazis by throwing a mariner spike through their captain's hand trapping him until the authorities could arrive.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Victory Comics #1-4.

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