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First Appearance

Fantastic Worlds #5 (Summer 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alex Toth, Bill Peppe


"After the devastating atomic war that ravaged Earth from 2248 to 2250, a group of veterans, tired of war, colonized an asteroid and named it Pax...they were determined to live in peace, but had not reckoned with...The Invaders!"

Conrad and Stella consider the bright future for the settlers of the asteroid Pax. While they appreciate the view of the nearby planet Earth, Weber arrives to tell them of an approaching spacecraft.

The Mercurian spacecraft lands. The Mercurians are welcomed, but their leader Gunta makes it obvious that they did not come in peace. With their electronic Robot Dogs and Mercurian force, Gunta says they will use the peace-loving planet to launch an attack on Earth. Being weaponless, the Paxians are defenseless to halt the plans. The Mercurians take Paxians as slaves to serve their needs.

Gunta's presumptions are soon challenged. Conrad, Stella, and Weber lead a resistance against the Mercurians. The rebels take weapons from the Mercurians whenever possible.

In a skirmish, Stella is captured. Gunta tries to make Stella his bride, but she replies she'd rather die. Gunta imprisons her as the Mercurians complete a rocket and plan the invasion.

Word reaches the rebels that the Mercurians are to have a celebratory Bacchanal and get drunk on wine before the invasion. The Paxians are to be fed to the Robot Dogs. Conrad and Weber plan to rescue Stella, who is to be thrown to the dogs.

The battle goes south for the drunken Mercurians. Conrad rescues Stella. As Gunta's ship flees Pax, Conrad fires off the missile and destroys their ship. He says they need to remain diligent and prepared to defend the peace of Pax. He and Stella kiss as Weber arranges to dismantle the rocket launcher.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Worlds #5

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