Real Name


First Appearance

Stingaree (novel, 1905)

Original Publisher

Charles Scribner's Sons

Created by

Ernest William Hornung


Stingaree was a charming, but dangerous highway man who roamed the Outback of Australia. He was something of a dandy, wearing dapper clothes and taking an interest in the arts, but he quickly became one of the most feared criminals in the country, with his brutish partner, Huge Howie. Stingaree took a liking to a young singer named Hilda Bouverie, and he helped her to achieve some degree of fame, before he disappeared. Stingaree was briefly placed in custody, but he escaped quite promptly and remains at large. However, after his time with Hilda, no man claiming to be Stingaree ever surfaced again.

Stingaree was a skilled rider and shooter who carried a pair of long barreled revolvers. Though he was happy to use his weapons, he usually didn't kill unless necessary. He was also well educated, a connoisseur of cigars and he could play the pinao with great skill. He was said to be a swarthy man, still young with a "martial" mustache, a "military" monocle, a spruce duck jacket and spurred top boots. He was originally from England and he rode a strong, milk-white mare named Barmaid.


Stingaree is a name for an Australian sting ray or a general term for stingrays.

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