The Strange Twins

Real Name

Douglas and Rodney Strange

First Appearance

Hit Comics #1 (July 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alex Blum and S. M. Iger (as S. M. Regi)


Doug and Rod Strange are identical twins who were separated at birth, when Rod was kidnapped by the pirate Sin Chow, enemy of the twins' father, Neville Strange. Raised in pirate dens by Sin Show, Rod became a dangerous criminal mastermind. After spending 5 years in prison, for a crime committed by a brother he never knew existed, Doug decides to track down the man who framed him. In the process, Doug became a highly respected inspector with Scotland Yard.

When the brothers finally met, Doug became determined to track down his mysterious look alike. So began a war between the brothers, in which each impersonated the other, or one captured the other and delivered them to their own enemies. Eventually, Doug managed to convince Rod to go straight, and the two of them battled crime together.

Powers and Abilities

Doug is a talented detective, and Rod is a streetwise criminal. Both men are good with their fists, and quick thinkers.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Hit Comics #1-24
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