Real Name

Percy Van Norton

First Appearance

Crash Comics #1 (May 1940)

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Percy van Norton was an American playboy who acquired a secret book of yogi. He studied it for years until he became the world's most perfect man. He has the strength of 100 elephants, the speed of a race car, and skin as tough as rhino hide. He put his super strength and genius-level mind to work fighting crime and foreign invasions. He also carried a boomerang rope.

Strongman flips an Aissurian truck.

In Crash Comics #3, he stopped "Aissur" (a transparent Soviet Union proxy - read it backwards) from invading the nation of Rutania by defeating Aissurian troops and coercing it's leader, "Linats," into making peace. In Crash Comics #5, he stopped a thinly veiled Nazi Germany proxy from invading a thinly veiled Poland proxy. In both cases, he managed to stop the invasion in the span of a few hours, and his friends were none the wiser.

Like many bored playboy characters, Percy passes himself off as a weak, generally useless hedonist among his society friends. He constantly travels in a company of a small entourage that usually includes at least two women who find him charming (if useless). During the first three issues of Crash Comics, he wore a monocle in his civilian ID, presumably for the same reason as Clark Kent wore glasses.

Percy becomes Strongman

Public Domain Appearances

  • Crash Comics #1-5

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