Stuttering Trigger

Real Name

Jerry Barton

First Appearance

Lone Rider #2 (June 1951)

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Back in his town of Charleston, Arizona, Jerry Barton was a bartender and the local constable. He was known for his stuttering manner of speech and his stuttering trigger, which became his moniker. Stuttering Trigger was a man quick with the ladies, fast with his fists, and faster with his guns. The fact he stuttered didn't slow him down from beating men to an absurd degree, and shooting them to death at the drop of a hat. The local jury system in Charleston seemed rigged in his favor when he shot a man with a knife in the back.

One day, a pair of lawmen rode in. When one of the lawmen confronted Stuttering Trigger, Barton beat the man to death. His partner bested Barton, but too late to save his companion. Stuttering Trigger was convicted of murder in a federal court, and sentenced to death in the Yuma penitentiary.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lone Rider #2
  • Lone Eagle #1


  • Jerry Barton has red hair in the first story, Lone Rider #2. In the Lone Eagle #1 reprint, his hair is black.

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