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Real Name

Eunice Kane

First Appearance

Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer #3 (Sept. 1967)

Original Publisher

Lightning Comics

Created by

C. C. Beck and Otto Binder


Eunice Kane, whom everyone simply called "Sugar," owned a certain Candy Shop where she sold her famous "Saucer Sweets" (named after her favorite hero, Saucer Man). After defeating the antagonistic Mr. Dandy, the two went into business together by founding the Kane-Crawford Candy Co.

She was pretty quick to figure out Fatman/Saucer Man's secret identity. Fatman/Saucer Man was not as quick at figuring out that she had figured it out, however.


  • The door was definitely left open for Sugar to return as love-interest for Fatman (the end of the issue even said to be excited for the following issue) however, issue #3 would be Fatman's last. Lightning Comics folded shortly thereafter.
  • Having been released in 1967 by a company no longer in existence, the character can be considered an Orphan Work.