Real Name


First Appearance

Rangers of Freedom Comics #1 (October 1941)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Joe Doolin


The Super-Brain was an extra-terrestrial scientist who came to Earth some time before the 1940s. He set out to conquer the planet, but he didn't have the resources or manpower to pull it off. He allied himself with the Axis powers, who were more than happy to provide him both in exchange for his help with their own imperial ambitions. He worked directly under Hitler for the first two issues, but he seemed to have shifted his allegiance to Japan by Ranger Comics #4. He came up with several plans (both covert and overt) to destroy America, but he was stopped at every turn by Rangers of Freedom and the Ranger Girl.

Super-Brain managed to survive until Mysta's time. When Mysta defeated Mars, he decided to take advantage of the Earth's weakened state to finally conquer it. He engineered a fungus-like bio-weapon that could grow around any object, spreading at exponential rate. The inorganic materials were gradually corroded while the organic materials were turned into an explosive gas. Most of the planet's population was killed off in the initial attack. Super-Brain hunted down the survivors and used a new version of his brain-washing technology to turn them into compliant "zombies." When Mysta arrived to survey the planet, the alien mastermind was able to capture her, but she managed to free herself and all of the other imprisoned humans. Together, they drove Super-Brain off. But before the alien genius could run away and start anew somewhere else, Mysta shot him with the fungus-emitting gun. After all the centuries of scheming and plotting, Super-Brain died by his own weapon.

Powers and Equipment

Super-brain possessed significant telekinetic and telepathic abilities, which he could further boost through technology of his own invention (to the point where he could simultaneously influence large portions of the population in all major American cities). Aside from the green moss bio-weapon mentioned earlier, he invented a serum that granted temporary immortality, a submersible island base, two-way video communicators and other devices. His large head made it hard for him to walk, so he preferred to remain in a wheelchair, but he could walk with the aid of telekinesis when necessary. During 1940s, he used a regular wheelchair characteristic of this time period, but by the time he appeared in Mysta's story, he got a more futuristic self-propelled wheelchair.

His minions included the Black Axeman, "Scarface" and Bela. Scarface was a thinly veiled Al Capone - the comic mentioned that he was the "biggest operator" in Chicago, and, of course, "Scarface" was the real-life Al Capone's nickname.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Rangers of Freedom Comics #1-3, 5 (cover only)
  • Planet Comics #36

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