Real Name

Oliver "Ollie" Orwell

First Appearance

Super-Brat #1 (1954)

Original Publisher

Toby Press

Created by

Harry Betancourt

Golden Age Origin

Oliver "Ollie" Orwell was a 6-year-old troublemaker living in an American suburb. Like most kids his age, he was egocentric and impulsive, but he usually meant well. Not that it particularly assured his parents, who had little patience with his tendency to (unintentionally) cause trouble.

Ollie was an ordinary kid until he discovered a tattered cape in his family's attic. When he put it on, he discovered that the cape gave him super-strength, super-speed, flight, telescopic vision and other powers. Normally, that would be enough to qualify one as superhero. But Ollie didn't even think about fighting crime. Instead, he called himself the Super-Brat and used the magic cape to solve everyday problems - helping his parents decorate their home, getting a picnic basket they forgot, etc. Oftentimes, he used his powers in selfish ways. On one occasion, he used them to get a dog he wanted. On another, he used them to torment a group of older boys who wouldn't let him hang out with them. Because Ollie was still too young to understand the consequences of his actions, his well-meaning attempts to do good usually wound up backfiring and his more petty actions wound up causing far more harm than he ever intended.

Historical note

When Toby Press folded, Charlton Comics acquired its assets, including the Super-Brat. They continued publishing Ollie's adventures under the title of Li'l Genius. He only appeared as the Super-Brat in the first Charlton issue. After that, the cape vanished and he became a non-powered kid who still got into his share of hi-jinks - they just didn't involve anything supernatural.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Super-Brat #1-4
  • Li'l Genius #6

Silver Age Appearances

  • Super Brat #1-3 (reprints) 7,8, 10 (Reprints of reprints)

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