Super Ann
Super Ann and her tiny helper, Mighty Man

Real Name

Ann Star

First Appearance

Amazing Man Comics #24 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Martin Filchock


When Ann Star was a child, she was caught outside in a fierce snow storm. She managed to survive by taking refuge in a cave until the storm was over. In the cave, she discovered and old hermit from another planet who could not stand the light of day. He taught her secrets that gave her super strength and increased resistance to damage. Now known as Super Ann, she is depicted as always running on tiptoes, ballerina style, and as having many Superman-like powers. These powers include super speed, super strength, and the ability to leap tall buildings. Starting in 1941, Super Ann was aided by Mighty Man in his later appearances, but for some reason, he deliberately made sure the young heroine never actually saw him face-to-face.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Man Comics #24-25
  • Stars and Stripes Comics #5-6

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