Super Coward
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Real Name

Ima Craven

First Appearance

Deviant Art 2016

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Ima Craven was always afraid, easily cowed, easily bullied. His whole life was one of defeat and submission, he was even cruelly saddled with a girl's name by parents who found their own runt of a child distasteful. All his life Ima sought to overcome his pitiful physique and inherent cowardliness. To this end he even tried enrolling in the military. Ima was unfit for military duty given his lack of physical ability but he did have a keen mind for statistics and was given a desk position. Like all military personnel he was given a background check, finger printed and even had his dna taken. An anomaly was noted in Ima's genes it was revealed that he had the genetic potential for super human abilities. The offer was made for him to undergo genetic enhancement with other military men and women and Ima jumped at the chance, dreaming of becoming a brave and powerful super soldier. Ima's genetic potential was released and he wa gifted with ability to move at superhuman speeds in direct proportion to his fight or flight response. Unfortunately this elevated Ima's fear potential making his powers tie into his native timid nature. In effect the more afraid he is, the faster he becomes. Though considered a failure Ima was given a supersuit to aid in the use of his abilities.

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Super Coward may move, react and perceive his surroundings at superhuman levels of speed. The level of speed has a direct exponential link to his adrenaline output via his fight or flight reflex. The unleashing of Ima's mutant genes enhanced the flight response to threats. Ima suffers from anxiety which mean he almost always maintains a certain level of enhanced speed. He has been clocked in a "calm" state running at 75 mph with a reaction time of 3 times that of a highly trained athlete. In an excited state he has been recorded fleeing at mach 3 (about 2,304 mph) with a reaction time 92.16 times greater than an Olympic champion. The upper limits of his speed is currently unknown.


Super Coward's suit is specially made to be nearly frictionless, greatly reducing air resistance. It disperses heat and the cleats on the shoes provide excellent traction on most surfaces. The suit has polarized eye protection built in and a special filter in the nose to allow him to breath more effectively while running. The wings and head crest act as rudders aiding his movement and agility.


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