Super Fiend
Super Fiend.jpg

Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #10 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Comics

Created by

Fletcher Hanks


The Super Fiend of the lost planet was a villain bent on destroying all civilization. He developed a thermal ray spore capable of causing a planet to spontaneously combust. He decides to test this device by setting Mars ablaze. He then uses an anti-solar beam to send a burning Mars hurtling toward Earth. However, Stardust discovered his plans and used his retarding rays to stop the planet and then used his extinguishing rays to put out the flames.

Stardust retrieved the Super Fiend from the lost planet and brings him to Mars to see the millions he has killed. They land and using his magic transforming ray makes Super Fiend larger to give the villain a fighting chance. The fiend lunges towards the space wizard, but he was defeated. Stardust used his reducing ray to shrink Super Fiend to normal and leaves the villain to be exiled forevermore on the planet he burned.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Comics #10

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