Public Domain Super Heroes
The Super Hypnotist

Real Name

"Hip" Knox

First Appearance

Superworld Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Kosmos Publications

Created by

Charles Hornig


Professor Knox desired to create a superhuman with hypnotic abilities, so he conducted experiments on an abandoned and nearly dead baby. His operations not only revived the baby but, they also enhanced his eyes and brain. Knox raised the child as his own son, nicknaming him "Hip." When the boy reached adulthood, Professor Knox gave him a costume but, made him swear to use his abilities only for good so Hip Knox became a crime fighter and battled enemies such as Eric McFadden, who was resistant to hypnotism and had a long-standing grudge against Hip Knox's adopted father.

Powers and Abilities

Hip Knox had powerful hypnotic abilities. He could control either humans or animals with a single glance and once mesmerized literally hundreds of animals in one look.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Superworld Comics #1-3

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