Super Phony
Super phoney

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Red Band Comics #3 (April 1945)

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Golden Age Origin

Super Phoney was a criminal on the planet Brutus who possessed super hypnotism which he used to subdue the superhuman population and rob the super treasury. Overconfident about his powers, Super Phony confronted Super Judge and put Flatfeet Fogarty, the Super Cop into a trance that made the cop think he was a dog.

His reign of terror was stopped by Impossible Man, who was actually an Earthling named Hugh Mann. Impossible Man outwitted Super Phoney by using a mirror to reflect back the villain's hypnotism making the villain think he was a parrot. After defeating the villain, Super Judge declared that Hugh Mann would be the Impossible Man from now on since he completed the impossible task of defeating Super Phoney.

Like all inhabitants of Brutus, Super Phoney was a superhuman and had superpowers like super strength, flight, super invulnerability. Unlike the others though he also had super hypnotism, but he was not immune to its effects when reflected back on him.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Red Band Comics #3-4

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