The Teacher

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Lightning Comics v3 #1 (June 1942)

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Golden Age History

The Teacher was a "free-lance espionage expert" and mad scientist who specialized in brainwashing. He dressed in a cap and gown and would hook his "students" up to mind control devices. The Teacher made Captain John Blake spy for the Japanese army in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Lash Lightning and Captain Blake's daughter Isobel came to Alaska to clear Blake's name. The Teacher sent men in insulated suits to capture them and wired Lightning to a device that would use his own electricity to kill him. But Lightning survived and transformed Isobel into Lightning Girl . She got help from the navy in time while Lightning broke the Teacher's hold on Captain Blake by showing him the American flag. Together they defeated the invading Japanese forces and Captain Blake died a hero, but the Teacher escaped.

Golden Age Appearances

Lightning Comics v3 #1

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