Ted Harper

Real Name

Ted Harper

First Appearance

  Adventures into the Unknown #8 (Dec. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Pete Riss


Renowned sculptor Ted Harper is offered a house in Swamp Hollow as a space for his art studio. The owner is permitting him to use the house for free. He doesn't realize the owner of the space is owned by the Devil, who has grown tired of his waning power over mankind. The Devil plans to take over a human body on Earth. The Devil's Imps surreptitiously follow the Devil to horn in on the fun, planning to take the body over for themselves.

Ted's girlfriend Wendy is wary, but goes along to help Ted move. Wendy's friend Karen goes along to assist. Once there, the Devil puts Ted to sleep using the natural methane gas from the swamp to seep into the house. The Devil intends to take over Harper's body once the man is asleep.

Wendy and Karen find Ted and get him outside to recover from the gas he's breathed. The Devil discovers his imps, and turns himself and them visible. Ted realizes what has been going on and throws a lantern at the Devil, fleeing the house with the Wendy and Karen. The methane gas explodes, destroying the house.

Ted reveals his intentions to marry Wendy while the Devil and his imps return to their home, "halfway between Main Street and Perdition".

Skills and abilities

Ted Harper is "the best young sculptor in the country", according to Karen.

Public Domain Appearances

Adventures into the Unknown #8

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