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Ted Parrish
Ted Parrish.jpg
The Man of a 1000 Faces

Real Name

Ted Parrish

First Appearance

Speed Comics #1 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Powell


Ted Parrish was a famous Hollywood film star who found himself typecast as a romantic lead. Frustrated with the situation, Parrish told his producer that he would walk away from his contract if he didn't get a "he-man" role. On the way home, he saw a young woman getting kidnapped by a pair of mad scientists. He used his mastery of disguise to track them down and rescue the girl.

The experience made him realize fighting actual crime was far more exciting than playing an action hero, he decided to keep adventuring under the alias of Man of a 1000 Faces. Because few people saw him without some disguise or another, most didn't realize that Parrish and the Man of a 1000 Faces were one and the same.

In Speed Comics #23, Ted Parrish teamed up with Captain Freedom, Black Cat, War Nurse, and Shock Gibson to repel the Japanese attempt to invade Los Angeles.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Speed Comics # 1-26

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