Teller of Tales

Real Name


First Appearance

Horrific #8 (Nov. 1953)

Original Publisher

Comic Media

Created by

Don Heck


"The Satanic weaver of suspense who relates four ghoulish tales of terror to turn your blood to ice. Introducing THE TELLER."

Introduced only as "The Teller" and later self-identified as the Teller of Tales, he gained his powers after a chemical explosion in a lab experiment he was working on damaged his face and put him in a coma.

When he recovers, he finds his appearance has changed and he can read people's thoughts. He also has the ability to foretell the future.

Powers and abilities

The Teller can read thoughts projected from individuals. He has education in chemistry and can work practically in the field.


Teller of Tales heads up a group of other narrators in the Horrific comic series. The other narrators are Walter Werewolf, Garry Ghoul, Freddie Demon, and Victor Vampire.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Horrific #8-13, Terrific #14
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