Telo the Mental Wizard

Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Flight #3 (1944)

Original Publisher

Four Star

Created by

George Marcoux or Al Bryant ?

Golden Age Origin

Telo was a hero that helped to stop a fantastic Prussian plot to invade the United States by shooting troops across the Atlantic Ocean in giant "capsules" from a big gun, the troops landed in Lonepine Valley, 50 miles north of Denver. He did this by reading the mind of a beautiful but dangerous female Prussan Spy and discovering the plan. After the plot was stopped with the aid of the U.S military, Telo took the agent back to his headquarters, suggesting that she may have been intended as a recurring character and possible love interest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telo the Mental Wizard possessed great mental powers and could read minds.
  • Telo was a "powerful" fighter, but did not carry a weapon and somehow, miraculously, avoided being hit by gunfire, while rushing headlong into a barrage.
  • He flew an advanced looking (presumably jet-powered) aircraft that had bombs.
Telo's ship

Telo aboard his plane

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Flight #3


  • Telo the Mental Wizard's adventures from Captain Flight #3 were edited re-prints of Fiction House's Saber, The Spy Fighter from Fight Comics #5.

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