Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into Darkness #5 (1952)

Original Publisher


Created By

Alex Toth


Teneshad was a demon originating from a hidden realm called the Half World. The ancient, hand-written book used for summoning him was kept - or possibly inherited - by a man named Mr. Sylvestre who used his wish-granting abilities to gain fame and fortune. The wealthy manor house which he formally resided was also built by the demon.

But Teneshad’s servitude was not to last. One day, Sylvestre mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving the manor abandoned. Many assumed he was taking an extended vacation in Florida, which made his former residence the perfect hiding place for the blackmailing gangsters, Danny Nash and his wife Helen, following the murder of a fellow client. Danny uncovered the arcane spell-book in Sylvestre’s library and unintentionally summoned Teneshad by reciting the incantation: "Vocare Daemonum Teneshad, Nessesse Est..."

Admiring the demon’s handiness, Danny commanded Teneshad to provide him and Helen with food and comfort, despite Helen’s protests. But with every wish, Teneshad grew larger and more imposing. In addition, hoards of vermin-like creatures - whom Teneshad referred to as his “pets” - were gathering in droves throughout the household. Eventually, Helen persuaded her husband to leave, but the creatures prevented their escape. Having enough, Helen threw several golden trinkets out a window which caught the attention of the city police below.

Helen was taken in by the police, but Danny was nowhere to be found. After loosing to a game of cards in exchange for his freedom, Danny was lead down by Teneshad to the sound-proof sub-cellar where Sylvestre was being devoured alive by the demon’s verminous pets. Danny’s fate is left unknown.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Adventures into Darkness #5


  • The Nedor comics were renewed by Popular Library, which was eventually bought out by Fawcett Books. When Fawcett went out of business, Popular Library was sold to Warner Bros. A number of different publishers, however, are currently/have been using these characters without any lawsuits from Warner Bros., so any action over them is (probably) unlikely. They are still, however, "use at your own risk" characters.
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