Tetra-None Hepta-Oct

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PDSH wiki 2014

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Brandon Longstreth, based on the public domain image


Hepta-Oct is a Cyclock born to the House of Tetra-None. Tetra was tasked at birth with guarding their designated portion of the timestream and multiplying the Cyclock race. While they had always been a trusted guardian, upon maturity Tetra discovered they were asexual and refused to breed with their assigned mate. Tetra was judged and found guilty of breaking one of the ultimate tenets. She was sentenced to be quelled and merged as part of the timestream but was saved with help from their former mate. Tetra is currently hiding from their people in the present day on Earth.

Despite Hepta-Oct being their actual designation, they prefer to use the House name Tetra or Tetra-None.

Powers and Abilities

Tetra requires oxygen only for speech as they spent long periods of time in the vacuum of the timestream during repairs. Tetra is a formidable fighter and has some vastly advanced technology that was smuggled out of the timestream. Tetras eyes and brains are specially designed to see changes made to the timestream. They can also 'read' the future before it happens.


  • Tetra-None Hepta-Oct is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish.

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