Tharia of Mars

Real Name


First Appearance

Deviant Art (2016)

Created by

Jay Epps


Tharia is the third child and youngest daughter of John Carter, the legendary Warlord of Mars. She grew up hearing stories of her father's home world, and was curious about it from an early age. Martian science had developed viewers that allowed observation of Earth, and she studied the world intently. Her curiosity got the better of her, she began studying the same psychic techniques her father had learned to transport himself across the void. After an intense study, Tharia teleported herself to Earth, arriving in her distant cousin Burroughs home. Her cousin welcomed her and helped her become accustomed to life on Earth.

Powers and Abilities

On Mars, her strength was that of a normal woman. Here on Earth, she discovered it was greatly magnified much like her father's was on Barsoom. She could leap great distances, punch holes in brick walls and bend metal bars with ease. She made no efforts to hide her identity, or her abilities, and word of what she could do spread. As the Second World War spread, the Government naturally tracked her down and asked her to help with the war effort. Her strength made her powerful, and years of sparring with her brothers and the palace guard made her a formidable warrior.


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