Real Name

Harold Higgins

First Appearance

Daredevil Comics #3 (July 1941)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Bernie Klein & Dick Wood


Harold Higgins was a former reporter for Hollywood Herald. He was born in a small town in Vermont. He had a happy childhood but, ever since he was born, he seemed to have bad luck when it came to anything related to the number 13. Those instances of bad luck were mere nuisances compared to what happened on his 13th birthday, however.

On that day, his parents held a lavish party in their home. His "best girl" Helen came to visit from Boston (where her family had moved previously). When the happy couple went to play the "guessing game," however, a chandelier fell on Helen's head, killing her instantly.

Over the next few years, the instances of bad luck increased in proportion. 1940 proved to be a particularly bad year. On February 13, his half-brother died in a plane crash on his way to Cuba. On March 13, he lost his savings in the New York Stock Exchange. On May 13, his sister, Margy, was crippled for life. On the night of July 13, his father, Captain Higgins Sr, died when his boat sank. And on September 13, his fiance died in an auto accident.

13 with Jinx.

A year later, on April 13, 1941, Harold was fired from his job at the Hollywood Herald for refusing to stop investigating the disappearance of actor Larry Miller and where Chinese-American nightclub owner and socialite Ah Ling had anything to do with it. The incident inspired him to embrace the number that haunted him for so long. He became a costumed crime-fighter known as 13 and set out to investigate Larry Miller's disappearance on his own. He discovered that his suspicions were correct and that the Herald's owner was secretly in league with Ah Ling. 13 was able to rescue Miller and bring his former editor and Ah Ling's henchmen to justice, but the mastermind herself managed to get away.

Alternate costume of 13.

Inspired by his experience, he decided to move to New York City and keep fighting crime as 13. In Daredevil Comics #15, he saved a 13-year-old steel heir Darrel Creig when his unscrupulous uncle tossed him from the top of Statue of Liberty. Darrel became his sidekick, Jinx. They continued to work together for the remainder of their appearances.

Powers and Abilities

13 seems to possess superhuman luck, but it is unclear if it is truly a superpower.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Daredevil Comics #3-17


  • Other than on his chest where the number was always displayed, the character would regularly switch from "Thirteen" to "13" in story titles.

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