Senator Thomas Wright

Real Name

Thomas Wright

First Appearance

Crack Comics #11 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lou Fine

Golden Age Origin

Thomas Wright was a young senator who represented an unknown state. While idealistic, he was not strong enough to resist peer pressure, especially when it came from the corrupt Senator Jaspar Crow. When his fiance, Wendy Foster, called him a coward and threatened to break off their engagement if he did not grow a backbone, Thomas found the courage to oppose Crow's pork-ridden dam appropriations bill. In retaliation, Senator Crow hired gangsters to dispose of him and arranged to have his ally to cast a vote in Thomas' place.

The plan would have worked perfectly if Black Condor didn't spot the dying senator while he was on patrol. Thomas and Black Condor were physically identical, which allowed the flying hero to vote against Senator Crow's bill in his place. Black Condor took Thomas to Wendy's father, Dr. Foster, but the doctor was unable to save his life.

With Thomas dead, Dr. Foster persuaded Black Condor to take Wright's place full-time. Wendy and all of Thomas' friends and colleagues had no idea he's been replaced. Black Condor proved to be more courageous and outgoing than Thomas ever was.

Golden Age Appearance

  • Crack Comics #11

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