Thun'Da King of the Congo

Real Name

Roger Drum

First Appearance

Thun'Da #1 (1952)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Frank Frazetta

Golden Age Origin

Thun'Da, Roger Drum, was an Air Force officer flying across Africa on a spy-chasing mission when his plane went down in unexplored territory, a prehistoric lost world. After crashing in the heart of the valley, he escaped from his aircraft and was captured by hostile ape-men, but he managed to escape. While wandering through the valley, he pushed himself to exercise daily and became a paragon of physical perfection. Later, he fell in love with Princess Pha, a local beauty and the ruler of the people who lived in the valley. After fighting and killing the hostile ape-men, Thun'Da rang the sacred gong of the ape-men's temple, summoning "the mother of all serpents." He killed the monster with the last three bullets from his gun. By killing the beast, not only did he win the respect of Pha's people, but he also was revered as a god. Unfortunately, after an earthquake ravaged the lost valley, it was sealed from the world forever. However, Thun'Da was able to get Pha to safety along with their pet sabertooth tiger, but her people were killed in the disaster. The princess then accompanied Thun'Da to explore the Congo, where he spent the rest of his vine-swinging career.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Thun'Da #1-6
  • Cave Girl #12-14

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