The Thunderbolt

Real Name

John Flatchley

First Appearance

Master and Man (in Detective Story Magazine, 1920-1921)

Original Publisher

Street & Smith

Created by

Johnston McCulley


The Thunderbolt was a masked avenger who wore all black and a smooth, tight fitting black hood with a yellow lightning bolt on the forehead. After he returned from World War I, he inherited $200,000 from his uncle and decided to investigate the origins of the money. Learning that it had come from shady deals, he decided to punish the Big Six involved in those deals, by stealing their ill gotten gains. He is a decorated World War I fighter pilot, big game hunter, and was a member of an expidition to the North Pole. He is from a prominent family and was a talented student of architecture. He is tall, strong, handsome and extremely atheltic. He is stealthy and carries an unloaded automatic pistol with him, which he uses to scare opponents. He does not kill.

He was pursued by Detective Martin Radner, and had affections for a woman named Agnes Larimer.

Pulp Appearances

  • "The Thunderbolt Collects" (Detective Story Magazine, Dec 11 1920)
  • "Master and Man" (Detective Story Magazine, 1920-1921)

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