Tiger Lady
Tiger lady.jpg

Real Name

Madame Feline

First Appearance

Prize Comics #18 (January 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Binder


After the notorious gangster "Machine Gun" Keller was sentenced to death in the electric chair, his gun moll, the mysterious Tiger Lady, swore revenge against those who aided in capturing and convicting him. She used trained tigers from a nearby circus to hunt her prey and also had the help of one of the circus' strongman.

Her first victim was Prosecutor Wilson. However, he was out of town, so the Tiger Lady settled on capturing a girl named Sherlock, Terry Dane, and her boyfriend Doug Danville, who was really the Black Owl. Ironically, she also wanted to capture the Black Owl, not realizing Doug and the hero were the same man. She was eventually captured and revealed to be the circus' animal trainer Madame Feline.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Prize Comics #18


  • Tiger Lady's gangster "Machine Gun" Keller was most likely named after real-life gangster Machine Gun Kelly.

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