Dr. Thomas Redfield

Real Name

Dr. Thomas Redfield

First Appearance

Operation: Peril #1 (October-November 1950)

Original Publisher

American Comics Group

Created by

Ken Bald and Richard Hughes?


Dr. Thomas Redfield was a physicist working on a cyclotron at his private laboratory in New York, when his rich fiance Peggy, showed him plans developed by the prophet, Nostredamus, for a time machine. Although skeptical at first, Tom used the plans to improve his cyclotron, and discovered that it actually is a time machine. He had many adventures through time and space with Peggy. They met many legendary figures of the past, including Nostredamus, King Arthur, Anne Bonny and King Midas, among others. They traveled to prehisoric times, to the planet Venus, and witnessed the sinking of Atlantis.

Tom was often "forced" to make out with historical and intergalactic beautys, to get out of mortal danger, which threatened to put him in mortal danger with his fiance. He was an exceptional fighter, and often brought a gun on his expeditions. The time machine was soon turned into a rocket ship capable of interplanetary travel, and it could be remote controlled by Tom.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Operation: Peril #1-12
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