Tom Thumb

Real Name

Tom Thumb

First Appearance

Feature Comics #114 (September, 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Bryant


Standing around 6-10 inches tall, Tom was once a sideshow freak in the carnival. However, he grew extremely angry with people making fun of his size. He decided to use his considerable intelligence to become a crime boss. He battled The Doll Man on a regular basis. Tom was agile and cunning in a fight, able to use his size to his advantage against average sized men, whom he had little difficulty in dispatching. He usually carried a cane which he used as a weapon. By throwing it, he could disarm a man. He was happy to kill and could fire a regular sized gun if he wished.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Feature Comics #114, 128
  • Doll Man (1941 series) #16, 22, 28
  • Doll Man (1963 series) #17
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