Real Name


First Appearance

Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

Original Publisher

Emerson Film Enterprises

Created By

Harold P. Warren


A satyr in a Confederate-style Civil War uniform, Torgo served as the caretaker for a property somewhere in Texas called the Valley Lodge. He was also the guardian of The Master and his wives, an undead cult that worships Manos, the god of darkness. Torgo is easily recognized by his "big knees", a staff topped with a stylized hand, and his weird, halting speech patterns.

In 1966, a family consisting of two parents - Michael and Margaret - and their young daughter, Debbie, arrived at the Valley Lodge after getting lost in the Texas back country. Torgo attempted to prevent the family from stopping for the night at the lodge of the Master. Finally relenting after Michael convinced him, he brought in their luggage. Upon catching wind of the family's arrival, The Master decided he wanted Margaret as his wife, but Torgo was determined not to let this happen - thinking that it was well past time for him to have a wife of his own - and intended to keep her from his polygamous Master.

When the Master awoke and found out that Torgo was coveting both his own wives and Margaret, he hypnotized Torgo and brought him into his tomb where he and his wives slept in suspended animation. There, Torgo was tormented by the Master's wives before the Master severed and lit Torgo's hand on fire. Torgo, in agony, fled the tomb, never to been seen again.

In the end, the Master managed to corner the family in the lodge. In his absence, Michael replaced Torgo as the one who takes care of the place while The Master was away.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

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