Trapper Duke

Real Name

Prince Warren

First Appearance

Wide Awake Library #1214 (December 7, 1894)

Original Publisher

Frank Tousey Publisher

Created by

James D. Montague


"There's nothin' mean 'bout me, youngster. When I sees folks in difficulty, I ginerally helps 'em out if I can."

Prince Warren became a mountain man after his family is murdered by one Morton Blazard, ruthless leader of a Civil War-era band of cutthroats. Prince took on the name of Duke Durley, with the intention to track down Blazard's gang and reek vengeance.

Some 16 years after the slaughter of Trapper Duke's family, he aids Mrs. Loudon and her 20-year-old son Paul as they attempt to punish Blazard for the murder of Paul's father, George Loudon. George Loudon's death occurred around the same time as that of Duke's family.


Trapper Duke is a crack-shot with pistol or rifle, expert at hand-to-hand combat, hunting, tracking, stealth, and can live self-sufficiently in the wilderness.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wide Awake Library #1214
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