The Traveler
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Corey Grant


This is "The Traveler."  He is gifted with the ability to pass effortlessly from dimension to dimension, universe to universe, epoch to epoch. He is the ultimate "slider," gate crasher, first citizen of all eternity. Yet, having explored continents and cultures mere mortals can only dream of this Marco Polo of the multi-verse is strangely anonymous.  He speaks with what we would label a British accent and favors a bowler hat, but beyond this we have no clue to his origins. Some would guess him to be a distant relative of Phileas Fogg the famed world traveler, others would  hope he would one day find his own Paspartou.  The bag he carries is deeper than it looks. In fact it contains dimensions of its own. And the souvenirs, oh how to describe the tools and the artifacts he has collected in the course of his travels. And the...umbrella, oh, come on, you didn't think it was simply an umbrella.  No, of course not, and you're right. It's a shield and it fires bullets and the handle slides out to reveal a sword and...oh you don't want to hear all this. It also propels him thru the air and is in fact the very thing that allows him to "travel."


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