Trigger Slumm

Real Name

Trigger Slumm

First Appearance

Top Notch Comics #3 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Irv Novick

Golden Age Origin

Trigger Slumm was a small-time crook with big-time ambitions who ran afoul at least twice of superhero Bob Phantom.

In his first appearance, he and two confederates embarked on an ambitious scheme to kidnap Billie Barnes, teenage son of an oil millionaire. They holed up with the child in his father's oil fields and managed to hold off the police in a fierce gun battle. Only the intervention of Bob Phantom allowed the police to apprehend them.

While he apparently spent some time in prison, soon after, Trigger was out and back on the make. He hi-jacked a truckload of illegal Chinese immigrants from, and sold them back to the criminal boss "The Master" ("Princess" Ah Ku), who, impressed with his initiative and intelligence, made him her right hand. Of course, the human trafficking ring was broken up by Bob Phantom, who presumably sent him back to jail after a sound thrashing (ie. "You should have stayed in jail where you were well off!").

Golden Age Appearances

  • Top Notch Comics #3, 4
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