Triple Terror
Chemix / Menta / Lectra

Team Roster

Chemix (Barton), Lectra (Richard) & Menta (Bruce)

First Appearance

Tip Top Comics #54 (October 1940)

Original Publisher

United Features

Created by

Fred Methot & Paul Berdanier


Wishing to put their considerable skills to good use, the Brandon triplets - Richard, Barton, and Bruce - decided to don costumes and fight evil around the world as Chemix, Lectra, and Menta, the Triple Terror.

In early adventures, they usually fought to prevent dangerous new technologies from falling into enemy hands, sometimes at the request of the US Government. In later adventures, they joined the Army and fought in both the European and Pacific Theaters of World War II.

Their enemies included a female villain in a rat costume named "The Rat" and a cabal of Nazi sympathizers called the Silver Swastikas.

Powers and Abilities

The Triple Terror team included:

  • Chemix (Barton Brandon), the chemistry expert who wore a beaker symbol on his chest and back.
  • Lectra (Richard Brandon), the electronics expert who wore a lightning bolt symbol on his chest and back.
  • Menta (Bruce Brandon), the master of men's minds, who wore an all seeing eye symbol on his chest and back.

In addition to their respective expertise in the sciences, the Brandon boys were extremely athletic, good climbers and exceptional fighters. Menta could pilot an aircraft and they all seemed to be familiar with military weapons, equipment and tactics.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tip Top Comics #54-119

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