Tum Par

Real Name

Tum Par

First Appearance

Tales of Horror #1 (June 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Smalle


Tum Par and Jan Kal are scientists in the year 9,852. Charged with conducting experiments, which runs contrary to the World Government. Society has all its needs fulfilled by machines, and experimentation threatens the established order. Tum and Jan admit they are guilty, but explain it is not a crime to prepare for a dire future, however distant.

The pair is judged guilty and sentenced to travel to the distant future in the time machine they built. It is presumed by their prosecutors that the pair will travel millions of years into the future to find an idyllic world.

As prognosticated by Jan and Tum, the future is one with a dying sun and without humans. Only large, rock-throwing reptiles are seen. Escaping the fusillade of tossed stones, Tum and Jan enter a building. They discover the building a museum established by the last of humankind. A placard marks the acknowledgement that Tum and Jan were correct. Tum and Jan take the time machine and the placard back to the past. With such overwhelming evidence, the judgment is rescinded. Tam Par and Jan Kal are given orders to continue their experimentation and help rebuild the practice of science.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tales of Horror #1

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