Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Lee Brothers (later "John Dowe")

First Appearance

The Green Mask vol. 1 #7 (October 1941)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Syndicate

Created by

Elwood Sauter


Lee Brothers was a trapeze artist in the circus who stage name was the Tumbler. When he went on vacation for three months, he dropped by to visit his circus trainer Socky, but he tells Lee to leave. Unknown to Lee, Socky was being threatened by robbers. Lee saves Sockey and the two try to make their escape, but Socky was hit by the gangster's gunfire. Socky tells Lee before he dies to carry on for him and to get the money the criminals stole to the police. Lee discovers that both he and Socky were declared dead and so he returns the money and took the identity of John Dowe. He also decides to become a costumed crime fighter using his circus name Tumbler.

Powers and Abilities

While he had no powers, the Tumbler was a skilled acrobat.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Green Mask vol. 1 #7-8

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