Twilight and Snoopy

Real Name

Terry Gardner

First Appearance

Clue Comics #1 (January 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

John Cassone


Marine Sergeant Terry Gardner, a former private detective and former champion wrestler, tangles with some Germans, Maxim and Nada, who seek to murder Wilmer, the man Gardner is protecting. The Nazis, though, kill a gypsy. The gypsy's parrot, named Snoopy, helps Gardner to avenge his owner's death. Snoopy visits Gardner and inspires him by giving him a card telling him that "At Twilight you will be Master." Thus inspired, Terry buys a costume for himself and begins fighting crime as Twilight. Among his opponents were Boss Bogus, the Counterfeiter, Baby Face and his shrinking gas, and Brother, a gorilla thug dressed as a human and disguised with bandages. He is helped by Snoopy the Parrot, a wisecracking, foul-mouthed talking bird who he uses to gather information.


Public Domain Appearances

  • Clue Comics #1-5, 7, 9

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