The Twister

Real Name

Bob Sanders

First Appearance

Blue Bolt Comics vol. 2 #1 (June 1941)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Paul Gustavson


When he was 14, Bob Sanders' parents were killed when a tornado hit their hometown of Windy Gap. Bob was caught up in the tornado and found that the experience made him a part of the cyclone itself. Using his strange new powers for the good of mankind, Bob becomes the Twister.

The Twister once worked with the Blue Bolt and Sub-Zero.

Powers and Abilities

The Twister can fly, and one punch from him can send a villain crashing through a wall. Whirling his arms creates a tornado strong enough to carry cars or move them along at super speed. He also carries a Cyclone Gun that shoots powerful bursts of air. Breathing in the wind allows him to manipulate and amplify it.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Bolt Comics vol. 2 #1-7

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