The Spirit of Old Glory

Real Name


First Appearance

Feature Comics #42 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Maurice Gutwirth


USA was originally a young girl from Philadelphia. She died in 1777 from an illness she received while trying to deliver threads from the first American flag to her Uncle Sam during a snowstorm. But her ghost dwelled over her gravesite until 1941, when a passerby discovered her locket and opened it. The girl suddenly sprouted from the locket as a young woman who wore a blue dress and carried an American flag and the Torch of Liberty. She was now, USA, the Spirit of Old Glory (in other words, the spirit of the American flag).

USA took on foreign spies and anyone else who threatened the American way of life. If the people in question didn't know any better, USA was willing to show them the error of their ways and allowed them to redeem themselves. Otherwise, she either killed them or personally brought them to justice.

Powers and Abilities

USA carried two Symbols of Freedom - the Torch of Liberty and the American flag. Torch of Liberty, which could release energy beams. The American flag gave her an ability to fly. She could also use it as a shield to deflect bullets and explosives. On many occasions, she used the flag to shield others from harm. Originally, USA carried the American flag in her hand, but in later stories, it became a more standard cape. While she carried the flag, it acted as an early warning system - whenever it suddenly dropped, USA knew that there was a danger nearby.

USA Spirit of Old Glory 02.jpg

USA did not have any special abilities without the Symbols of Freedom, but she was a strong and skillful fighter even without them. On one particularly memorable occasion, she was able to fight off several spies with nothing but her shoe.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Feature Comics #42-48

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