Ultus the Avenger

Real Name


First Appearance

Ultus, The Man from the Dead (1915 or 1916)

Original Publisher

Gaumont British Picture Corporation

Created by

George Pearson, T.A. Welsh and Aurele Sydney


Betrayed and left for dead in an Australian Desert, Ultus returns as "Ultus the Avenger" 5 years later to exact revenge on his former partner, who stole his diamonds. Later Ultus helps the Grey Lady whose father was murdered by Eugene Lester, the same man who betrayed him. All the while, Ultus is hunted by the master detective Conway Bass, who has been hired by Lester. Ultus is a master of disguise.

Public Domain Film Appearances

  • Ultus, The Man from the Dead (1915 or 1916)
aka Ultus 1: The Townsend Mystery and Ultus 2: The Ambassador’s Diamond in the USA.
  • Ultus and the Grey Lady (1916 or 1917)
aka Ultus 3: The Grey Lady and Ultus 4: The Traitor’s Fate in the USA.
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