Uncle Sam

Real Name


First Appearance

National Comics #1 (July 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Will Eisner


In Uncle Sam Quarterly #2, the Will Eisner version of Uncle Sam described his origin. He explained that he was originally Sam, a young man from what was then colonial America. When the colonies declared independence, he volunteered to fight in the burgeoning American army. He was killed in battle, but before he could pass on, a mysterious entity declared that he would become a spiritual embodiment of the new nation. Since then, Sam appeared whenever America needed him, lending his hands in the many conflicts it was involved with.

In his debut appearance, Uncle Sam came upon a young boy named Buddy Smith, who was crying because his father was murdered by a crypto-Nazi gang known as the Purple Shirts. Moved by the boy's plight, Uncle Sam took on and defeated the Purple Shirts. From that point on, Uncle Sam effectively adopted Buddy and took him along on his adventures.

This version of Uncle Sam had super-human strength and durability, the ability to appear anywhere he's needed, and whatever other powers he may need to resolve the plot.

Uncle Sam's enemies included Blackout (Villain), King Killer, the Pied Piper and the Witch Queen.

Public Domain Appearances

  • National Comics #1-45
  • Uncle Sam Quarterly #1-8

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