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Uncle Sam
446px-Uncle Sam (pointing finger)

Real Name

Uncle Sam

First Appearance

War of 1812 (term) / 1852 (art)

Original Publisher

US Government (poster)

Created by

US Folklore / J. M. Flagg (poster)


Uncle Sam is the national personification of the United States and, more specifically, its government. The term dates back to the War of 1812, with the first drawing being from 1852. Common depiction is of a serious, elderly, White man with white hair, a beard, and patriotic clothing.

Harry 'A' Chesler[]

Uncle Sam approached the recently created Yankee Doodle Jones and his sidekick, Dandy, ordering them to solve the supernatural murders of American officials.

Novelty Press[]

After President Franklin Roosevelt announced the United States would provide weapons and supplies for its allies (becoming an "arsenal for democracy"), Uncle Sam summoned the Chameleon, Skipper (the leader of Boystate), Karen Drake (an actress working for Fantastic Features studio), Lucky Byrd, Bull's-Eye Bill, Manowar the White Streak, Spacehawk, and the Target (AKA: every character appearing in Target Comics at the time). Explaining the United States needed them now more than ever, he charged each with a certain task:

  • Bull's-Eye Bill was ordered to provide horses for the U.S. Cavalry Remount Service.
  • Chameleon was ordered to assist the U.S. Secret Service.
  • Lucky Byrd was told to keep doing what he was already doing - fighting the Nazis as the member of the G2 intelligence service.
  • Karen Drake, and, by extension, all other Fantastic Features actors, were ordered to "use their talents for entertainment and propaganda purposes."
  • Skipper was ordered to make weapons for the Defense Department.
  • Spacehawk was ordered to protect the Earth from alien invasions.
  • Target was ordered to "unearth foreign plots against the U.S. government."
  • White Streak was ordered to hunt down industrial saboteurs.

Although this was Uncle Sam's only appearance, it affected Target Comics for several issues.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • National Comics #1-45
  • Uncle Sam Quarterly #1-8
  • Target Comics Vol 2, #1
  • Yankee Comics #1, 2, 4
  • Rails Across America

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