Undercover Girl
Undercover girl -6
Undercover Girl #6

Real Name

Starr Flagg

First Appearance

Manhunt #1 (October, 1947)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Ogden Whitney

Golden Age Biography

Undercover Girl was Starr Flagg, a female American secret agent. Her affiliation was never too clear - sometimes, she worked for the CIA, sometimes, she worked for some branch of the US military and sometimes, the agency she worked for wasn't named at all. Either way, her loyalty to United States and commitment to her assignments was unwavering. She spared no effort to advance America's interests abroad and defeat the machinations of Communist agents.

Undercover Girl was a skilled fighter who knew several martial arts (mostly judo) and was good with her guns. She had quite a penchant for disguise, but she rarely used that particular skill. Like many other later-day secret agent characters, she enjoyed finer things in life - expensive clothes, pricey travel accommodations, ritzy hotels, that sort of thing - but she could just as easily do without them if the mission required it.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Manhunt #1-10
  • Trail Colt #1-2
  • A-1 #26
  • A-1 #62/Undercover Girl #5
  • A-1 #63/Manhunt #13
  • A-1 #77/Manhunt #14
  • A-1 #98/Undercover Girl #6
  • A-1 #118/Undercover Girl #7
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