Unholy 3

Real Name

Dale, Pearl, Flash

First Appearance

Punch #1 (Dec. 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Madden


"Introducing a happy-go-lucky trio, whose skillful use of makeup at a moment's notice to change to any character they require. The Unholy Three against crime!"

The Unholy 3 were a group consisting of Dale, Pearl, and Flash. They were masters of disguise solving crimes through their abilities. In their first outing, they dress as a chauffeur, housekeeper, and 'little Percy' to keep an eye on Baron Gram. The Baron is to be a guest of the rich Mr. and Mrs. Hudson during a string of jewel robberies. Dale doesn't like that he has to play the child Percy because of his stature, but does so anyway.

The Baron shows up with another man, who reveals the Baron's real name is Breen. Breen plans to have his thugs rush in and rough up Mr. Hudson until Hudson gives up the combination to the safe.

Pearl thinks the Baron looks "fishy". Flash, serving as a waiter, intentionally drops soup on the Baron, but claims it's an accident. In the kitchen, Flash reveals to Pearl that the Baron is actually Breen, a notorious jewel thief.

The Baron visits Percy's room, where Dale is playing the role of the youth. Mrs. Gram says she smells smoke, but Dale denies it though he's been smoking a cigar. When given a chance, Dale socks Breen in the jaw. Breen leaves the Hudsons to look after Percy. Dale tricks the Hudsons into chasing him and locking them in the room. He meets up with Pearl and Flash who are observing Breen's thugs approaching.

Pearl and Flash quickly disguise as the Hudsons. Breen orders his lackeys to strike, but the Unholy 3 are prepared for the gambit. Flash beats Breen while Pearl uses a vase to take out the two henchmen. The tables turn, and Pearl and Flash are overcome by Breen's gang.

Still thinking he is seeing the Hudsons, Breen threatens to kill Pearl. Dale comes to the rescue with a hose hooked up to the hot water. He squirts in Breen's face, blinding him temporarily. He squirts the henchmen too, and the trio handily handle the group of thieves.

After explaining to the Hudsons, Mr. Hudson says they should be called the Holy Three.

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  • Punch #1-2

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