United Earth Robots

Real Name


First Appearance

Weird Thrillers #1 (Sept.Oct. 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ross Andru


Scientist Bruce Kaine and his assistant Vina Talbot go to meet the President of the World, Roger Stanton. Roger was Bruce and Vina's teacher before ascending to the position of high power.

Arriving at the office, Bruce thinks Roger is a bit distant. Bruce shows Roger the new magnet he's developed, but the magnet is instantly attracted to Roger. The jig being up, Roger reveals he is actually a robot named Z-13 who has taken the real President Stanton captive. Z-13 sends another robot, X-40, to capture the pair. Bruce and Vina escape the robot's clutches.

Bruce is incredulous at robots running the world, but when he goes to report it to the cabinet of the United Earth (U.E), he and Vina discovers the cabinet has been replaced by robots as well.

Z-13 appears and whisks Vina and Bruce away to an artificial island being utilized as a base to build more United Earth Robots for the "R-Day" or "Robot Day" invasion and take over of the world. Z-13 plans to use the pair for experimentation, but the pair escape.

Bruce and Vina find opportunity to hide and devise a plan. Disguised as robots, the pair puts sand in the oil used by the robots daily to lubricate their joints. The robots freeze and cannot move. Bruce and Vina plant bombs, escaping the artificial island in the rocket as it is destroyed.

They return to the city to gain aid from the United Earth Soldiers, who easily squash resistance with their "atomic guns", saving Z-13 for interrogation on the whereabouts of President Stanton. A few days later, Roger Stanton returns to office.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Thrillers #1

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