The Unknown

Real Name


First Appearance

National Comics #23 (1942)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Ted Udall and Bernard Klein

Golden Age History

The Unknown was an American who joined the French in battle against the Nazis in World War II. He was injured in the line of duty and became amnesiac, forgetting his own name and country. He wandered into the battle of Dunkirk and donned a costume, aiding the Allied forces as The Unknown. Among his enemies were X-19, a German female spy, and a Nazi commander who gained super-strength from cocaine. He battled Hitler himself and traveled to the concentration camp of Dachau to rescue a train of prisoners.

Powers and Abilities

Non-superpowered fighter, airplane pilot, military tactician, not opposed to killing his enemies, horsemanship, disguise, use a variety of weapons from handguns to machine guns, befriended by the Victoria the Goddess of Victory, shirtless in his first adventures

Golden Age Appearances

National Comics #23-41

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