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Cebr1979 Cebr1979 3 June 2017

Deleting this from/Changing the PDSH

People... Here's how it is:

I've had it with this "These need to go"/"I don't want these here"/"This wiki needs to change" posts.

Everything that's here... has been here longer than every single one of you (and me)! The way this wiki is now is the way this wiki was created or later upgraded to by public vote.

If you don't like the way this wiki is... STOP COMING HERE!

I don't come to your house and tell you what furniture needs to go in the garbage because it's ugly so stop coming to this wiki and saying [these types] of character bios need to be deleted or moved somewhere else.

From here on out: anyone who does that will be blocked indefinitely and that should make them happy because they clearly aren't happy coming here anyhow.

I'm not saying …

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Cebr1979 Cebr1979 17 November 2016

New (temporary) policy: Please read!

As of now, I have to instill a new policy where no editor can create more than two new pages in a 24-hour period (exceptions will be made for any needed new categories). This is temporary (though I don't know how long it will need to be in place, simply "until further notice"). Too many errors are being made and I think it's because editors are rushing. This (again: temporary) policy will allow editors the time to double check their pages for errors and also give me time to check the new pages as well. I'm finding way too many mistakes here and there that I just can't keep up with. Thanks, all!

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Cebr1979 Cebr1979 30 August 2016

We need an admin!

I have been here for 3 years and I greatly care about this place. I would love to take on admin duties in order to prevent vandalism and clean up the pages in need of deletion. I look forward to the new position should I receive it. Cheers. :-)Cebr1979 (talk) 22:54, August 30, 2016 (UTC)

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