Public Domain Super Heroes

People... Here's how it is:

I've had it with this "These need to go"/"I don't want these here"/"This wiki needs to change" posts.

Everything that's here... has been here longer than every single one of you (and me)! The way this wiki is now is the way this wiki was created or later upgraded to by public vote.

If you don't like the way this wiki is... STOP COMING HERE!

I don't come to your house and tell you what furniture needs to go in the garbage because it's ugly so stop coming to this wiki and saying [these types] of character bios need to be deleted or moved somewhere else.

From here on out: anyone who does that will be blocked indefinitely and that should make them happy because they clearly aren't happy coming here anyhow.

I'm not saying posts stating a specific character should possibly be deleted due to questionable status will result in a block. Of course, we will always have a character here and/or there that requires being looked at again for legal reasons but: "I don't like these kinds of characters so I think they should all be deleted just because I said so..?"

Well... that will make me not like you and decide to block you just because I said so.

This wiki is here. It's here the way it is. Don't like it the way it is? Don't come here... and I will totally help you with that.

Peace out.